Thursday, June 7, 2012

Board Etching Part 1

This process of board etching and the work of the tracks is almost the same method used in factories to make parts of the radio and various electronic devices, but in a more professional way .

This process is very important to the work of any electronic device and must be known by any inventor, and here we illustrate the easiest and the fastest and least expensive and are as follows :

Tools needed for this process :

Board needed in this process, a Board covered with copper and then covered with a substance affected by light and is called (Film Board )

Plastic transparent paper, the same plastic used in the projector presentations and will use it to print on it

Grains of sodium hydroxide, a cleaning substance

Special chemical acid dissolves unwanted copper and here we will use the ocean iron hydroxide

Small drill with 0.5 mm or less

Board cutter or any other tool serve the purpose

Ultraviolet radiation box and neon lamps can be also used 

To Be Continued in Part 2 ... Advertisement

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