Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Electronic components abbreviations

Here is a list of Electronic Component name abbreviations widely used in the electronics industry:

AC: Alternating Current
ADC: Analog To Digital Converter 
DAC: Digital To Analog Converter
PAM: Pulse Amplitude Modulation
RF: Radio Frequency
SW: Short Wave
CB: Citizens Band
IF: Intermediate Frequency
LF: low Frequency
STN: Signal-to-Noise
SNR: Signal –to-Noise Ratio 
LO: Local Oscillator
CCTV: Close Circuit Television
ETV: Educational TV
CMOS: Complementary MOS
FET: Field Effect Transistor
LED: Light Emitting Diode
SCR: Silicon Controlled Rectifier
DCTL: Direct Coupled: Transistor Logic 
DTL: Diode Transistor Logic
RTL: Resistor Transistor Logic
TTL: Transistor-Transistor Logic
DMM: Digital Multi Meter
DVM: Digital Voltmeter 
CRO: Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
DPDT: Double Pole Double: Throw
ADF: Automatic Direction Finder
ADP: Automatic Data Processing
AFC: Automatic Frequency Control
AGC: Automatic Gain Control
BMEWS: Ballistic Missile: Early Warning System



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