Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fix fluorescent bulbs failures

In this post we will discuss the most issues and failures related to fluorescent bulbs and how to fix it yourself

How to fix it 
Bulb lights after a certain period of operation and then turn off the lights again

Does not light up at all

Flashing at intervals 
Bulb damage because of the amount of air leakage in it, or due to corrosion priming bulb 
Replace the bulb 
The new bulb is flashing 
The bulb is bad

Starter is bad or inappropriate

Trans is inappropriate

Bad connection
Replace the bulb

Replace the trans

Check the wires and clean it from dust 
Blackouts in both sides of the bulb

   A dark ring on each end of the bulb
End of life lamp

Wick does not radiate electrons 
Replace the bulb 
A dark ring in one end of the bulb 
The separation of the wiring base of the bulb

Disconnecting of wires connecting trans

Disconnecting in one of  bulb priming
See the wires connecting the lamp base

Check trans connections

Replace the bulb 
The new bulb flashing on short periods
Starter is inappropriate

 Trans is inappropriate

Combustion of trans

Removing the wires connecting the lamp base

High value of the voltage
 Replace the starter

Replace the trans

Replace the trans

 See the connections

 Turn off the lamp until the voltage value to be returned to the normal value
The light is not normal 
Lower the value of the voltage

 Disconnecting of the circuit wires

 The accumulation of dust on the surface of the bulb 
Turn off the lamp until voltage value to be returned to the natural value

Check the connecting wires

Clean the outer surface of the bulb and keep it dry 
Noise associated with the  operation of the bulb  
Trans type is bad

  Trans is not installed well on the bulb holder

 High temperature of the trans because the long operating period 
Replace the trans

Install the trans in a good way

Take into account that trans installed so that it is exposed to air in order not to result in high temperature and combustion of it 

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