Saturday, May 26, 2012

The different types of Adapters

Adapters are available in different shapes and sizes according to its usage, including the very small and very big types. The most important kinds are Power Adapters and Audio Adapters .

Components of the Adapters :
Adapters consists of the following main parts:

The Core: which is a piece of iron .
The Main Coil: The entrance to the adapter .
The Secondary Coil : The outlet of the adapter .

Both files, main and secondary coiles are two wires wrapped on the core and doesn't touch each other.

These are some types of Adapters that you might see :

Power Adapter

Plug Adapter

Variable Voltage Adapter

Audio Adapter

DC Adapter

Electronic Board Adapter

Adapters are used to raise or lower voltage or power in electrical circuits.
And Adapters based on the feature of Mutual Inductance .



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