Sunday, May 27, 2012

Soldering Gun

Soldering Gun is an Adapter which lowers the voltage and raises the power, Connected to it's Secondary end copper wire (yellow copper ring) to be the soldering head.

Soldering gun  is characterized by the following :

1- Quick access to the melting temperature of the soldering material - copper - tin so it is provided with trigger pressure during the welding process where the temperature reaches about 600 degrees Celsius within a few seconds.
2- High ability up to several hundred watt and thus carry out the soldering of large wires and large pieces with the highest known efficiency.
3- Small size despite it's ability.
4- High reverberate, the lost power to be low and the adapter is cooled through the holes in the body of the device.
5- Easy to replace the soldering head which is yellow copper.

How it's working :

The following figure shows the internal structure of the soldering gun
It is a converted raise stream to up to 100 AMP in it's secondary end which closed with a soldering head which is yellow copper and zinc - with it's electrical resistance much be higher than the pure copper, which the secondary circuit made of.

Primary coil has large number of rolls and thin diameter wire
And the power which passes is low-intensity
While the secondary coil consists of few rolls (sometimes one roll)
However, with a large diameter wire to pass high voltages

While the adapter is working on a permanent basis makes great heat generated in the secondary coil and the adapter itself so it has provided with a key to run only for a period of work - as long as you are holding it - and when you left it the power is stopped.

It's advised not to be used on electronic circuits and exclusively away from the semiconductor and electronic slides.


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